We are proud to hold 100% pass rate across ABRSM, Trinity & RockSchool examination boards with majority of students passing with distinction and high merits.

To support our students in their preparations for the exams we offer:

  • Handling all of the admin side of the exam registration – we will do the enrollment for you free of charge (students only need to cover exam board fees).
  • Free consultations for parents on choosing the right examination board (the right one for them!) and preparation time frame (bespoke to each student).
  • A number of free seminars throughout academic year discussing exam structure, expectations and assessment criteria, as well as how parents can support their children at home and how to maintain motivation levels. Please check our Events page for upcoming seminars and talks.
  • Mock exams – all exam takers are invited to have an exam trial run about 2 weeks before the formal exam session start. Mock is being observed and assessed by experienced teacher with a provisional marking and feedback issued the following day.
  • Free yoga session (specific to musicians) run by our partner Kids yoga and Mindfulness instructor. The program was specifically designed to support those who are playing music instruments (hence focusing on relaxation of particular body parts that tend to get more tense during performance). The aim of this session is to give children tools and techniques that will help them to maintain calm mind and body when under
    pressure (e.g. exam conditions).
  • Planning additional performing opportunities – it is always a good idea to perform the exam pieces on public prior to the test. Our studio is always on a hunt for more performing opportunities. You can find out more about festivals and concerts that we are regularly taking part in here: Performing Opportunities