…making it relevant to those who we teach.

Imagine a situation:
A bright and very musical child is being brought to a music class.

“He loves music! He sings, dances to the beats and claps along as soon as any kind of music is on!”¬† his parents¬† are telling the music teacher.

…so the music class starts and a child is being immersed into lots and lots of dry information about the notes, clefs, scales… “Straight back! Curved fingers!”

…with a very little room for what he actually came for – music.

Unfortunately, imaginary situation described above is not too far from being the true experience of a number of people. How many (now) adults have started music lessons when they were children and then dropped out? The reason why is that a lot of cases the music that is being enjoyed outside the classroom and the music that is being taught inside the classroom – are two completely different subjects.

Here at Piano Piano we want to change that. We want to bring as many children closer to music (as we all are innately musical) and help them building lifelong relationships with it by introducing it in a way children can relate to.

We are absolutely not denying the importance of basics and theoretical side of music (all our tutors are classically trained and fully qualified).

However, we are strong believers that the only way of making children enjoying making music (in the end, this is why you are reading this page now, isn’t it?) is to allow them to experiment and express themselves through it as an absolute priority.

It’s based on each child’s individual interests and tailored to suit every age group based on its specific characteristics. Favourite cartoon characters, books, stories, games, playing along backing tracks, improvisation and composition, variety of listening activities are only few of our teaching tools.

Piano piano method is constantly evolving as are changing interest patterns of our students. Try it out yourself. Book your lesson now!

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